Woo Gyeong Co.,Ltd.


  1. 1994
    Woo Gyeong Industry Established


  1. 2000
    Firstly developed aluminum profile for Water Separator Louver in Korea
    Received permission from Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.
    Received permission from D.S.M.E
  2. 2001
    Firstly developed plastic profile for Water Separator Louver in Korea
    Developed Air Inlet Trunk for LNG ship to protect rain & reduce noise with DSME design team.
  3. 2003
    Get a patents of Vent Head withWater Separator.
    Get a patents of Air Inlet Trunk.
    Carried out test for above Vent Head with DSME & Hi-press.
    The result was very good (99% water separate & low press drop)
  4. 2008
    Company Name Changed to Woo Gyeong Co., Ltd.
    Get a patent of sinusoid type eliminator for water separator


  1. 2014
    Get a approval of Venture Industry by ITEP.
    Get a patent right of Electric heating Louver for ICE Class Ship.