Emergency Shut-Off Valve System

Product info

    DESIGN CAPACITY : 50 ~ 300 L
    MATERIAL : STPG370, A516-70, 58410
    DESIGN TEMP. : 10 ~ 50 ℃
    DESIGN PRESSURE : 33 bar
    KR, ABS, LR, DNVGL, BV, etc


Emergency Shut-Off Valve System

Emergency Shut-Off Valve System, Quick Closing Valve Sytem Same meaning

Woo Gyeong provides quick closing valve system which can be controlled by pneumatic or mechanical transmission. Suitable for marine service, providing a quick shut-off in emergency situations from outside of engine room. The quick closing valve system is mainly used in pipeline systems with combustible liquids and allow quick closing of fuel oil and lubrication oil shut off valves on tanks in the event of fire or explosion. Our quick closing valve system are used widely on board instant close to all flow systems and installed on each tanks containing flammable liquids.


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