Emergency Eye Wash Heater

Product info

    DESIGN CAPACITY : 100 ~ 300L
    MATERIAL : STPG370, SUS304, SUS316
    DESIGN TEMP. : 40 ~ 60 ℃
    DESIGN PRESSURE : 3 ~ 5 bar


Emergency Eye Wash Heater(Eye Wash System)

If hazardous susbstances get into your eyes, they need to be cleaned out immediately, which is why you need to have an eye wash station nearby.
And you need to know that water will be at a temperature that won't damage your eyes.
Water heater is packed with a mixing valve specifically designed, tested and proven for using it in an emergency safety shower / face / eyewash applications.
Proper water supply to flush away corrosive flammable materials in accident is vital.
Emergency eye wash system delivers water under high-low flow applications.
It's durable, easy to install and low maintenance cost system.


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